Selected publications

Recent research articles

  • Besnard et al. Distinct dorsal and ventral hippocampal CA3 outputs govern contextual fear discrimination. Cell Reports 2020 Feb 18;30(7):2360-2373.e5.

  • Besnard et al. Dorsolateral septum somatostatin interneurons gate mobility to calibrate context specific behavioral fear responses. Nature Neuroscience 2019 Mar;22(3):436-446.

  • Besnard et al. Targeting Kruppel-like Factor 9 in Excitatory Neurons Protects against Chronic Stress-Induced Impairments in Dendritic Spines and Fear Responses. Cell Reports 2018 Jun 12;23(11):3183-3196.

Recent review articles

  • Besnard and Leroy. Top-down regulation of motivated behaviors via lateral septum sub-circuits. Molecular Psychiatry 2022.